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Product Advantages:

1. Full meters, neat cut surface, durable, environmentally friendly core can be customized. Every roll is real material, refusing to cut corners, just for your peace of mind and satisfaction! Imported equipment for cutting, precision in paper cutting, with no loss to the machine and extending its lifespan. A variety of environmentally friendly core materials and sizes can be chosen. Love the environment, start with small steps.

2. High-quality natural wood pulp base paper. Without adding fluorescent agents, the paper's protective coating and thermal coating formula are reasonable. Bright white and smooth without jams, clear and smooth printing, uniform distribution of thermosensitive coating, ensuring long-lasting preservation.

3. Paper rolls are neat and do not release dust, with careful packaging. Fine paper and meticulous workmanship, the paper roll has moderate tightness and is smooth, preventing damage to the print head. The tin foil provides waterproof, moisture-proof, and scratch-proof properties, protecting the surface and extending the service life of thermosensitive paper.

4. High-quality and clear text printing, permanent adhesive, eye-catching, eco-friendly (safe and non-toxic), easy to peel; Waterproof, oil-proof, resistant to edible alcohol, scratch-proof, and high-temperature resistant.

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